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Popcorn Show and Sells with the Den or Pack

One of the most effective ways to sell popcorn, is through Show and Sells.  At a Show and Sell, you bring  popcorn with you and trade money for product, on the spot.  This is the best way to sell to people you don’t know, such as at a storefront.

The Pack has a number of Show and Sell locations reserved, and this year we have some great locations lined up!  We anticipate each shift making $100-500 per scout in attendance.  Additionally, because we have multiple locations lined up, if it turns out that one of these locations is not performing as well as the others, we can make adjustments and keep scouts focused on the highest-performing spots.

Signing Up

The first half of the weeks are intended for Scouts and Leaders to sign up directly, as Pack-hosted Show and Sells.  Starting on 9/15, the dates switch to “Den-hosted” Show and Sells.  Check with your Den Leader to reserve one or more of these time slots.  On 9/7, any unused time slots on Den weeks will be returned to the Pack for all Scouts to use.

The sign up form has been circulated via. Scoutbook email.  Go there to sign up for a spot today!

Each Show and Sell must have at least one registered adult leader present.  The Leader is responsible for the inventory and money at the event, and for conducting the Show and Sell.  If there are any Scouts present other than that Leader’s own children, then there must also be another responsible adult present.  This is called “Two-Deep Leadership” and is required at all Scout functions.

If the only available adult is an unregistered parent, they can still check out popcorn and have the show and sell with their own kids, but they will not be able to take the cash box with them. In this case, the parent would need to get their own cash for making change. We recommend between $50 and $100 in mostly $5 bills.

Tips for Selling Popcorn

1. Wear your uniform.

The Cub Scout uniform looks great and clearly identifies you as a Scout.  It helps people understand with just a glance who you are what what their purchase supports.

2. Ask questions.

If you can get their attention, ask question that lead them to the table.  “Hi, my name is Mason and I’m selling popcorn to support my Pack.  Can I show you what we have?”  “My favorite flavor of popcorn is Caramel Corn, have you ever had Scout popcorn before?”

3. Provide options.

Some people don’t like popcorn, but may be willing to make a donation.  When you ask for a sale, consider asking for a donation as well.  “Would you buy some popcorn or make a donation to support our Pack?”

By the way, this year donations will count 3x as much as a sale when it comes to Pack incentives such as the glow-in-the-dark pizza party or reduced dues.

Also consider the following tips from Trail’s End:

How do Show and Sells work? (Scouts)

On the day of the Show and Sell, put on your Field Uniform (“Class A”) and head over to your sales location a few minutes before your scheduled start time.  Parents, please don’t leave until you’ve confirmed that there are enough adults present.  If you beat the Leader there, or the the “second adult” isn’t there yet, please stay with your Scout.

Parents are strongly encouraged to stay and help out.  There’s always a lot going on at a Show and Sell, but if you need to go run some errands, that’s fine as long as your Scout is a Wolf or older and the Leader is ok with it.

How do Show and Sells work? (Leaders)

The Leader running the “first shift” will come get popcorn and the cash box from me (Cameron King) either the morning of the Show and Sell, or on a convenient day leading up to the Show and Sell.  I also have  folding tables and chairs, tablecloths, and banners if you want them.  If you’re not sure how to use Square, let me know and I’ll help you get setup.

Leaders will meet the Scouts at the selling location, with materials in hand and work with the other parent to get setup near the front door.  The locations almost always want out outside, and not obstructing the walkway.  Wear your Field Uniform (also called a “Class A”)!  Count your starting inventory and cash, following the instructions on the form.

The form looks like this:

Sell popcorn!  Fill out a receipt for every transaction.  Check numbers and Square transaction numbers should be noted on the receipt.

When ending your shift, close out the shift by counting inventory and cash, following the instructions on the form.  This works best if you do it in conjunction with the Scouting for the shift coming after you, since he will need the same inventory and starting cash counts for his shift.  Put all of the cash and checks for your shift into the manila envelope with your form.  The manila envelope can either be shoved back into the cash box, or it can be brought directly to myself or Angela once your shift is complete.

The Leader running the “last shift” will pack up the location with help from the other adult and bring the popcorn and cash box back to me by the end of the day.  If you borrowed tables, chairs, tablecloths, or banners, that all comes back to me as well.

The Leaders running each shift should communicate with each other or other parents to make ensure that there will be enough car space for everything.  Many regular sedans can carry everything, if the trunk is clear and the table can be fit into the back seat… but a minivan, SUV, or truck is recommended.

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