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Popcorn Show and Sells at Home

Have you sold to everyone you know on Facebook? Do the employees at Tom Thumb, Lowes, and Walgreens know you by your nickname?

Are you ready to strike out on your own, sell some popcorn door-to-door, and earn some cold hard cash (for your pack)?

How do I get popcorn to sell?

Scouts and their families can check out popcorn from the pack for Individual Show and Sells.  To do this, click on the button below, and fill out the form.  Cameron will get your popcorn together and text you when it’s ready.  This will usually be the same day or the next day.

When you check out popcorn, you are borrowing it from the pack.  You will need to return that popcorn (or the money from sales) by the end of the Show and Sell season.  We recommend that you only take as much popcorn as you can afford to replace.  You can always come back and get more later!

At the time of pickup, I will also give you a receipt for the popcorn and an order form that you can use to track your sales and keep yourself organized.

How can I sell popcorn?

Some scouts find success going door to door throughout their neighborhood selling popcorn.  This should only be done in the company of a parent.  We recommend that if you plan to do this, that you do it in clear daylight, and only at times and places that are safe to do so.  Please respect “no soliciting” signs.  See the Pack Show and Sell post for more information on sales tips.

Some parents work at places or attend groups that will allow them to sell popcorn on their child’s behalf.  If this is the case, you may find that this is an easy way to get a few extra sales.

These aren’t the only two options, but they are the more popular ones.  At the end of the day, if you’re making sales – you’re probably doing it right.  If you have more tips, let me know and I’ll publish them here!

How do I turn in money or excess popcorn?

Bring money or unsold popcorn to a Pack Meeting, or contact me to arrange a time to drop it off at my house with me.  We will recount it together, and you will get a receipt for your records.  Please turn in any donations received while selling at this time as well.

Good luck, and happy sales!

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