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Selling Popcorn Online

Online popcorn campaigns are a great way to reach family and friends who live far away, and are possibly the easiest way to sell popcorn.

Trails-End provides scouts with everything they need to sell online. The registration process is quick and easy, and orders are processed and fulfilled directly by Trails-End. That’s right. The popcorn ships directly to the buyer!

This is what the scout pages look like:

Oh, there’s more too!

Trails-End is rewarding scouts who sell online with Amazon gift cards.

Creating your page

To register a sales page for your scout, go to and follow these instructions:

1. Fill out the following form with your own information as a parent.

2. Fill out your scout’s information.

3. Create a login for this scout to use on the Trails-End website.

4. Associate your scout with our pack.

Sharing your page

Once you login, you will have a block on the left with your scout’s information. It looks like this:

That “Scout Code” can be used by friends and family when they go to and select “Support a Scout” from the top navigation bar. They can either enter the scout’s name and zip code, or enter the “Scout Code” using the red “I have a Scout Code” button.

I mean, that’s ok right? But there must be a better way… and there is.

At the top of the page, there’s icons for all the of the most popular social media sites. You can click those to share your page. You can also click “View My Fundraiser Webpage” and it will send you to a URL that looks something like this: That URL will always take your friends and family directly to your scout’s sales page.

Customizing your page

You now have a page you can sell from! But how do you customize it?

Go to and follow these instructions:

1. Find the “About Me” button, on the left side of the page, and update your personal information. You can add a photo, a description, and you can tell everyone what your favorite flavor of popcorn is.

2. Click on “My Photos” or “My Videos” if you want to add additional pictures of your scouting adventures to show family and friends what they’re supporting.

3. Navigate to “My Campaigns and Goals” to set a sales goal. This will show the world your progress towards meeting your goal on your sales page.

If you have any questions, please come back to the Popcorn table at a Pack meeting, or contact Cameron King.

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