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Patrol Method Cooking

As Tigers they learned about types of food; as Wolves they learned about nutritious meals; as Bears they designed a meal… as Webelos they’re going to make it happen as a team.

Leading up to this campout, the Webelos Scouts should create a meal plan with the guidance of adults. It would be especially great if one (or more!) of the scouts came with us to buy the food. With adult assistance, the Webelos can prepare their own meal. We should encourage them to make at least one of these meals be something that would satisfy requirement #2 of Cast Iron Chef.

Here are some simple ideas, none of which involve more than one heat source or more than a few ingredients:

  • hot ham sandwiches
  • breakfast in a bag
  • breakfast scramble
  • tacos (breakfast, mexican, or otherwise)
  • hot dogs
  • foil packets
  • quesadillas
  • stew or soup
  • kabobs
  • chicken salad
  • mac & cheese
  • potato hash (many variations)
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • pig in a blanket on a stick over a campfire
  • bacon and egg breakfast sandwich
  • toasted english muffins with jelly
  • pancakes
  • cobbler

Not every meal needs to involve heat or meal prep, either. Dry cereal and PB&J sandwiches have their place in Scouting as well.

Also note, we will be reducing our impact on the environment by using mess kits. No paper plates or plastic-ware will be provided. Each attendee should bring their own bowl, plate, cup, fork, and spoon. These kits frequently run from $10-20 and will last for years. Alternatively, any plastic or metal dishes or cutlery you bring from home would also be fine.

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